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Giorgio Cavalli is characterized by an international vocation, its mission is to bring the Italian trend, style and know-how in the
world by representing fashion and craftmanship made in Italy, where we can find indisputable fashion masters.

The company in more than 30 years of activity worked in more than 80 countries worldwide.
The attention was mainly given to the countries with a strong economic development.

The company group, with the years passing, extends its operative capacity to involve other activites like:
Consultancy, Supplying, Constructions, Communication, Fashion and lifestyle.


Giorgio Cavalli’s collections reinterprets the classic with non-conventional details.

Giorgio Cavalli’s clothes are made by the best textile in the world, all Made in Italy.

The result is a non-standard and high quality made in Italy product.

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Italian Fashion & Italian Lifestyle

The group’s fashion industry was born in the eighties and now is recognized as one of the best brand of Italian styling, presenting its collections for over 30 years.

It exports 100% of its production total look and fully made in Italy.

The typical costumer belong to a wealthy and “internationalized” social class.

Together with the best of the Italian styling,
the Company can offer:

  • Stylistic consultancy
  • Buying office
  • Franchising

The brands of the company group are the following:

  • Roberto Bulli
  • Giorgio Cavalli
  • Gold